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One result of the increasing globalisation, specialisation and dynamism of the economy is that very few candidates are being considered for many positions. The best candidates are often not actively looking for a career change. They must be approached in a targeted, knowledgeable and prudent manner in their industry and functional area. In these cases, instead of or in addition to our Recruiting 5.0 search method, we use the even more targeted method of our Executive Search (Headhunting).

  • Executive Search (Headhunting)
    • A characteristic feature is the active approach to target candidates in the customer's industry or competitive environment.
    • In addition, each INSEMACO® headhunter uses his intensive industry expertise, insider knowledge, strong networking and contacts, as well as our exclusive candidate pool with hand-picked top candidates.



    This gives us the most direct influence on the professional and personal quality of the candidates. We have the ambition to find the best and the right person in one person.

  • Benefits & added value
    • Only top personnel consultants with high quality and proven professional and personal expertise, who have themselves been real specialists and managers on the client side, can talk to top candidates at eye level.
    • Another unique selling point of our INSEMACO® Executive Search is the special form of our initial contact and interviewing. We conduct career interviews with our candidates, which are more elaborate but show the candidates the highest esteem. In addition, our candidates receive added value, even if they are not the client's preferred candidate in the further selection process. We show our candidates possible career opportunities on the basis of their professional and personal skills, as well as their values, motives and attitudes, but as professional consultants we also show them possible risks. This is another significant difference in quality and an expression of our understanding of a true Candidate Experience. Contacting INSEMACO® headhunters is therefore image-enhancing and creates a very positive experience and image of us as consultants and of the client with its employer brand.
    • We work with our own and professional research specialists with many years of experience in industries and functions. This is another considerable advantage for our clients in the competition for the best candidates. It means fewer interfaces, shorter distances, an even better understanding of the project and thus an even more professional and convincing approach to candidates.
  • INSECOGO®-Executive Search- Process

    The INSEMACO® Executive Search process is a holistic approach with 7 defined sub-processes based on best practices and the latest scientific findings in the fields of executive search, selection procedures and personnel consulting.

  • Onboarding
    • After the selection decision for the most suitable candidate in the executive search process, we support our clients on request with targeted onboarding and candidate coaching.
    • By onboarding we mean the induction and integration, i.e. the "taking on board" of new employees by a company and includes all measures that promote integration.
    • The onboarding of new employees usually takes place on three levels:
      • Professional integration: transfer of professional knowledge to the new workplace.
      • Social integration: Promotion of all social contacts with colleagues and superiors.
      • Value-oriented integration: Imparting all goals and principles of the corporate philosophy and culture.
    • Systematic induction helps new employees
      • reach their full performance faster and better,
      • are more motivated and satisfied,
      • are happy to contribute themselves and their knowledge internally and develop in a more company-specific way,
      • be more loyal to the company,
      • remain in the company for a longer period, and
      • will gladly recommend the company as an attractive employer.