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The INSEMACO® Executive Search Process is a holistic approach with 7 defined sub-processes based on best practices and the latest scientific findings in the fields of executive search, selection procedures and personnel consulting. As a matter of principle, we only present top candidates who, on the basis of an interview and an assessment, have the appropriate knowledge and skills and, if necessary, possess special characteristics or qualifications.

We have the ambition to find and win the best and right in one person for our clients in the shortest possible time. Our approach − which is customized according to project requirements − is shown in the following process description.

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Thomas Timothé Behncke

Managing Partner
* Mandatory Field

  • Customer Briefing
    • Wishes, goals & expectations.
    • Business model, company size & peculiarities, structural & process organisation, management structure, market position & differentiation, products/services, corporate culture & goals, economic situation etc.
    • Customer attractiveness.
  • Candidate Position/Requirement Profile
    • Clarification & definition of key criteria.
    • Clarification with regard to activities/tasks, area of responsibility, opportunities & challenges, professional & personal requirements, professional experience, function/position-specific culture, target salary etc.
    • Definition of a realistic profile.
  • Market/Environment Analysis
    • Industry/Competitors & related industries etc.
    • Supply & demand of qualified candidates.
  • Search Strategy
    • Development of a tailor-made strategy,
    • with regard to customer, position, target markets etc., as well as
    • in terms of employer branding, candidate experience etc.
    • Definition of strategy & processes.

2.1 Executive Search

  • List of Target Companies (creation & coordination)
  • Candidate Identification (Ident) & Approach
    • Executive search in target companies, industries, insiders, recommendations etc.
    • Direct Search in networks, internal & external databases, personal contacts etc.
  • Plausibility & Aptitude Test
    • Plausibility of candidate profile.
    • Comparison of candidate profile with position/requirement profile regarding professional & personal suitability, individual career & work experience with successes etc.
  • Reporting to customers on the current status (project controlling)
  • Candidate Experience & Content Management (communication, information review & delivery)


2.2 Executive Search & Recruiting

Target-oriented market approach, if necessary through a Combination of Methods and a further mix of measures.

  • 1. Selection/preselection: Candidate Interviews.
  • structured Telephone, Video Call and/or Personal Interviews with candidates and individual Career Advice.
  • Assessment of the Fit of the candidate profile with position/requirement profile regarding professional & personal qualifications, individual career & work experience, personality (attitudes & motives), desired income, willingness to change & interest, cultural fit etc.

  • 2. Selection/preselection: Top candidates.
  • Candidate presentation & comparison based on confidential Candidate Profiles/Reports.
  • Briefing modifications if necessary.

  • Presentation in person to the customer.
  • Feedback discussion with clients & candidates.
  • 3. Selection/selection: of target/top candidates.

  • Reference discussions/review*
  • Aptitude diagnostics/assessment*


*: in case of order by the customer.

  • Recruitment Support & Closure
    • Advice in the decision-making process (ranking)
    • Contract conclusion with target candidate.
    • Feedback interviews with clients & candidates.
    • Rejection information to presented candidates.
  • Integration (onboarding & candidate coaching*)
  • Review (customer & candidate satisfaction, sustainability, quality assurance & improvement)


*: in case of order by the customer.


For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of gender-specific language forms is dispensed with.


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