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Today, professional personnel and management consulting requires a multitude and variety of complementary individual competencies. We have systematically established our individual competencies in the areas of consulting/methods, industries and functions and are continuing to develop them systematically.


Our consulting competencies include above all the qualifications, as well as the many years of consulting and professional experience of each individual partner as well as solution competencies in the areas of methods, technologies, quality, corporate culture and team. In addition, there is the development of synergies within the INSECOGO® business area as well as within the entire group of companies and the brand family INSEMACO®, INQIMACO and INSECOGO®.

  • Qualifications, advice & professional experience
    • INSEMACO® partners / consultants have high-quality specialist degrees and additional qualifications, and have themselves been real specialists and managers in top positions on the client side. Each consultant has many years of consulting and professional experience in industries, functions and methods.
    • Permanent professional and personal further qualification of our employees as well as constant further development of our consulting quality at the top level are part of our self-image and are an important component for customer-specific and future-oriented solutions.
    • We realize our goals with a hands-on and handshake mentality. We are - if necessary - "lateral thinkers" of new solutions and approaches, have the courage to explore new paths and are prepared to take well-considered risks. Demonstrable success of all those involved in the consulting process as well as the trust we have earned are the yardsticks by which we are measured.
  • Methodological competence, technologies & quality standards
    • We use one of Europe's leading software solutions in personnel consulting, are networked at the highest technical level with the media, even in niches, and invest in state-of-the-art system technologies required for top performance.
    • Through the combination of proven and innovative solution methods and technologies, active and passive candidates are equally addressed. In addition, we have access to important performance indicators (KPIs) for systematic success, such as the number and percentage of candidates in the Ident and in the Response depending on industry, function, region and demographic change.
    • The organisation as well as regular review and further development of our business processes is based on DIN EN ISO 9001. We achieve comprehensible high quality standards in the selection of candidates in accordance with DIN 33430. We base our high quality of methods and processes as well as our structured and careful working methods on the professional principles developed by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU), including the codes of conduct contained therein, as well as the principles of proper and qualified personnel consulting (GoPB). In addition, we comply with the strict and ethical principles of the global Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).
  • Corporate Culture Competence
    • As a partnership organisation, we operate completely independently in economic terms. Business policy and daily work are determined exclusively by the INSEMACO® shareholders and partners. This is one reason for the high level of identification of our consultants and partners with INSEMACO® and our goals.
    • We practice entrepreneurship, responsibility and community on the basis of a value system that is binding for us. Our corporate culture is characterised by trust and partnership, professionalism and passion, as well as a variety of competences and ideas. We have a holistic view of mankind and focus on our clients and candidates.
    • With common values and goals (self-image and positioning) as well as quality and behavioral principles, we create an extraordinary internal understanding of "we" as the foundation of our services. Fairness, openness, mutual respect and a sense of responsibility are fundamental for us and guarantee a high degree of inner strength and stability. Optimization and positive criticism are always welcome. With a high focus on top quality, customer satisfaction and the further development of our consulting services, we have the flexibility for new ways. Our maxims are the best possible results for our clients and candidates.
    • We cultivate our culture of trust and support each other with our individual strengths and our commitment. We also promote the individual work-life balance of our colleagues. Our unique corporate culture is one of the main reasons for our successes, our enjoyment of our work and the high loyalty of our employees.
  • Team Competence
    • Every INSEMACO® partner / consultant personally looks after his customers and projects in the sense of "one face to the customer", thus ensuring high quality and continuity in cooperation and in our customer relationships.
    • A professional, fast and trustworthy project implementation requires teamwork, which is particularly indispensable in the case of covert or difficult search assignments. In this respect, each consultant is professionally supported by colleagues from the areas of consulting, research and assistance, depending on project requirements. For us, teamwork means complementing and supporting each other in a competent, committed and appreciative manner.
    • Furthermore, we are likeable, humorous and authentic people who enjoy success. This is very important to us!
  • Synergies of a powerful business field
    • We are INSEMACO® and provide top-quality branded services in the field of Recruiting & Executive Search. We are true specialists and quality partners with proven competencies and expertise at an excellent level.
    • Through our thinking and acting we are solution, service and value-added partners.
    • Our successes also make us a trusted and career partner for our clients and candidates. For example, we have a special form of initial contact that makes open and appreciative career discussions and the identification of opportunities and risks possible in the first place.
    • Thus, for us, synergies are a matter of course, including Candidate Experience and Employer Branding.
  • Synergies of a powerful group of companies
    • We are an essential part of a high-performance group of companies with the other brands INQIMACO® in the business segment Training & HR Management Consulting and INSECOGO® in the business segment Worldwide Search & Executive Consulting. With our excellent competencies within each of the three business areas as well as our team-oriented and integrative working methods within our group, we achieve further synergies and added value that give us a real competitive edge.
    • We are united by a strong "understanding of ourselves". A "we" that connects us together with our clients and candidates, as a team, internally, within our group of companies and as part of society. Top quality within each of the three business areas, synergies and added value of a high-performance group of companies, as well as the strong "we" feeling that unites us make us unique, innovative and successful. This is the USP of our we-brand concept.

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