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In the INSEMACO® Interim Experts & Management (Interim E&M), self-employed Interim Experts & Managers work for a defined period of time (usually 3-18 months), usually in a specialist or management position with entrepreneurial responsibility in a company. Our interim experts & managers are specialists with the professional and personal skills for fast, effective and industry-specific temporary solutions.


With our approach, we give you direct access to a select group of hand-picked interim experts & managers. In our approach, we have firmly anchored the criteria of market overview, speed, selection options and quality assurance.


If you have questions or are looking for qualified support, just send a short message with the following "Click for more!" button.


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Thomas Timothé Behncke

Managing Partner
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  • Possible Situations/Tasks that require an Interim Expert or Manager

    Possible situations and areas of responsibility for our Interim Experts and Managers are

    • Bridging unforeseen vacancies in the event of the loss of a specialist or manager.
    • Time buffer until an important specialist or management position is filled.
    • Change management projects (including quality improvement).
    • Project management (e.g. capacity increase).
    • Introduction of new programs.
    • Restructuring and reorganization (e.g. increase in know-how).
    • Foundation, transition, takeover or sale of companies.
    • Crisis management/avoidance of insolvency (including dirty jobs critical to success).
    • Strategic realignment of companies or individual business areas.
    • Etc.
  • Qualifications of our Interim Experts & Managers (Interim E&M)

    We derive our expectations of Interim Experts & Managers from the high quality standards we want to offer our Clients:

    • Successful work as a self-employed interim expert resp. manager (project list).
    • Completed interim expert resp. management assignments.
    • Professional experience in specialist and/or management functions with budget and/or result responsibility.
    • Ideally international project assignments.
    • Successfully completed university degree or comparable qualification.
    • Focused profile with expertise in individual areas (functions / industries).
    • Functional focus/specialization:
      • CxO, Executive Board & General Management
      • Business Development
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Human Resources (Recruiting, Development & Education)
      • Controlling & Finance
      • Engineering
      • IT & Digitalisation
      • Purchasing
      • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
      • Risk Management
      • Health, Care & Social
    • Industry focus/specialization:
      • Industrial Sector: automotive, plant & mechanical engineering, medical & electrical engineering, consumer goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, IT & telecommunications.
      • Service Sector: Real Estate & Building Services, IT & Engineering, Transport & Logistics, Finance & Insurance, Gastronomy & Hotel Industry.
      • Commercial Sector: Food, Drugstore, Fashion & Lifestyle, DIY & Furnishing, Technology & Automobile, Wholesale & mail order.
      • Healthcare, Public & Municipal Sector
      • Family business
    • Soft skills: self-confidence, integrity, seniority, assertiveness, communication skills, ability to learn, etc.
  • INSEMACO® Interim Process

    Our INSEMACO® Interim Process is divided transparently and comprehensibly − in consultation with the Client − essentially into the following steps:


    1. Needs Analysis

    Business initiation, project requirements, goals/project objectives etc.


    2. Selection/Presentation of Interim Candidates

    Search & selection of suitable Interim Candidates in our Interim Pool and/or by executive search based on the following exemplary criteria, which are adapted according to client requirements:

    • Professionalism (qualifications, CV/short profile, interim profile, experience in industries & functions, project experience/project list, references, proofs etc.)
    • Personality (appearance, seniority level, management style, fit to the corporate culture etc.)
    • Positioning (project level, price expectations etc.)
    • Other (availability etc.)


    3. Discretion

    Confidentiality, discretion & transparency in the cooperation, etc.


    4. Contract Conclusion & Project Responsibility

    Conclusion of the contract between the client and the interim expert resp. manager, definition of project responsibility between the client and the interim expert/manager; written declaration regarding confidentiality, etc.


    5. Project Start & Support

    Project start, support according to agreement, if necessary adjustment of project and intermediate goals, etc.


    6. Project Completion

    Project and intermediate goals realized, project completion, know-how transfer, etc.


    7. Project Feedback

    Obtaining feedback on project progress from the client and the interim expert/manager, building and developing trust, etc.

  • Quality of Cooperation between Interim E/M, Clients and INSEMACO®

    Interim Experts & Managers are used as specialists or managers for demanding and often critical projects at Clients. This service is extremely sensitive and requires all parties involved (Interim E/M, Client, INSEMACO®) to work together in a professional and trusting manner. We treat all information of an Interim E/M project with absolute confidentiality.

  • INSEMACO® Interim Pool

    Our INSEMACO® Interim Pool is a worldwide selected circle of qualified Interim Experts & Managers based on the criteria professionalism, personality and positioning.

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