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Only top personnel consultants with high-quality and proven professional and personal expertise, who have themselves been real specialists and managers on the client side, can talk to top candidates at eye level.


Our services for you:

  • Career Talks

    Another unique selling point of INSEMACO® is the special form of our initial contact and interviewing. We conduct career interviews with our candidates, which are more elaborate but show the candidates the highest appreciation. Our candidates thus receive added value, even if they are not the client's preferred candidate in the subsequent selection process.


    We show our candidates possible career opportunities on the basis of their professional and personal skills, as well as their values, motives, attitudes and personal work-life balance, but as professional consultants we also show possible risks.

  • Comprehensive Information & Feedback

    We provide comprehensive information to the best of our knowledge and belief about the position to be filled, the special requirements, the environment of the position and the company. Our clients and candidates are optimally informed by us and prepared for the joint interview.


    We guarantee our candidates the highest level of confidentiality during the entire course of the project and provide prompt, open, constructive and appreciative feedback regarding qualifications and documents. A transfer of a candidate's data in the form of reports and profiles to clients is only made after prior consultation with our candidates and their consent.

  • Professionalism, Communication & absolute Discretion

    We also obtain references only with the consent of our candidates and with absolute discretion. Communication between candidates, clients and us is positive and as uncomplicated as possible depending on the situation. This is a further significant quality difference and an expression of our understanding of a true Candidate Experience. Professionalism and absolute discretion are a matter of course for us!

  • INSEMACO® Application Process

    The INSEMACO® Application Process is a holistic approach with 8 defined sub-processes based on best practices and the latest scientific knowledge in the areas of qualified candidate search and selection and personnel consulting.

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